Buy Unique, Shop Boutique online campaign has gone live today, across the UK, with the aim being to remind consumers that small independents, like many businesses, have really struggled during the past year and need their help now, more than ever.

Following on from Boutique in Businesses’ successful reversed mannequin campaign, which was to signify the Government having turned its’ back on independent retail, Boutiques in Business are releasing a 2nd campaign, this time to remind consumers that we need their help to get our businesses back on track.

Amanda Slattery, owner of Maya Maya in Kendal Cumbria and Founder of Boutiques in Business explained the reason behind this campaign:

“During lockdown we all felt helpless while our considered, crafted and well-designed products, often from small independent brands hung on shelves untouched, whilst mass produced garments were flaunted in supermarkets and garden centres, even if people were just popping in for milk, the option for some retail therapy was clearly available to them”

“Our disappointment has continued as the essential/non-essential debate has not been addressed. However, as we come towards the end of lockdown, we hope to remind people of this unfairness and to ask them to help ‘put us back on the map!”

Boutiques in businesses’ Buy Unique, Shop Boutique, campaign will hopefully act as a reminder that small businesses, stifled for so long, will need all the support they can get to take back their position on the High Street.

Editors Notes

Amanda Slattery 

Founder Boutiques in Business. Maya Maya ltd, Kendal Cumbria. 


Tel: 07961 554105 

Shirley Leader

Founding member. Velvet and Rose boutique, Petersham. 


Tel: 07788 800119 

BIB Boutiques in Business was established in 2019. The group was formed to join UK boutiques together, offer support and create one voice within the industry. We now have a strong membership base drawn from a wealth of independent fashion retailers from across the country that represents a cross section of the fashion industry.