Boutiques in business is a private group of UK boutiques, set up and run by Amanda Slattery of Maya Maya Ltd in Kendal in Cumbria.

BIB was set up to provide a sharing platform for like minded people to discuss the business issues that we all share. It soon became a Covid survival group in 2020.

As at Feb 21 the group currently has 42 members. It is not a large group, the aim is quality and not quantity. We are a mix of both forward order boutiques and in season boutiques and members are asked to contribute to the group when they can.

The group asks for confidentiality. It is a membership fee group. The current fee is £10, plus VAT, per month paid monthly. The fee covers admin time, membership to fashion magazines, website costs etc.

The group consists of 3 sites, Boutique in business for work related issues and BIB social for the more fun side, these are both private social media groups.

We have recently added The Boutique Bible, which is the public face of the group where members share their thoughts and their daily experiences.  A day in the life of a boutique owner in 2021.

We also have an instagram page where we share our members posts.  

The group is also affiliated with BIRA British Independent Retail Association and membership to Boutiques in Business offers significant savings on BIRA membership. 

Interested parties are asked to apply to join via our fb site and provide an email address so one of our current members can contact you to discuss the group and answer any questions that you might have.

The aim of the group is to provide a friendly, safe, secure place for boutique owners to share ideas.